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With solid roots in Jacksonville, Marks Gray stands as one of Northeast Florida’s leading business law firms, embodying a set of core values that define our identity. Tenacity drives us to tackle complex challenges head-on, employing resourcefulness and perseverance to achieve optimal outcomes for our clients. Our enterprising spirit fuels our proactive approach, constantly seeking innovative solutions and seizing opportunities to deliver exceptional results. Being results-oriented, we consistently strive for excellence, diligently working towards achieving the best possible outcomes for our clients’ legal needs. Moreover, our responsiveness lies at the heart of our practice, ensuring that we promptly address our clients’ concerns and adapt swiftly to their evolving requirements. These values, deeply ingrained within our firm, empower us to provide unparalleled customer service, unwavering efficiency, and unwavering professionalism, truly setting us apart in the legal landscape.


We guide our clients through the legal maze with skill, experience, innovation, and tenacity, helping them overcome each challenge.


Marks Gray is one of Northeast Florida’s leading law firms. We attract and retain highly skilled lawyers and staff whom our clients trust to provide innovative, outstanding legal services and outcomes. The tradition continues, nimble and adaptable, deeply committed to professional excellence and service to our clients and community.


  • Tenacious
  • Results-oriented
  • Responsive
  • Enterprising


You don’t have to step foot inside the Marks Gray office to experience the vibrant and distinctive culture that sets us apart, particularly among law firms. At our firm, we prioritize treating one another with the same kindness and respect we would expect ourselves. The office exudes professionalism while fostering an atmosphere of collaboration. We actively foster camaraderie and civic engagement, encouraging our employees to participate in community events alongside their families. Throughout the year, we come together for potluck holiday dinners, themed community service initiatives, and engage in various athletic pursuits and nonprofit fundraisers.

A significant number of our attorneys have been with our firm since passing the Bar exam, which attests to the value we place on fostering an environment of effective communication, coordination, and longevity. We believe in cultivating loyalty among our team members, as it forms a strong foundation for our success.

Marks Gray isn’t simply an exceptional law firm to work with; it is an exceptional law firm to work for. We understand the importance of flexibility and work-life balance, recognizing the diverse needs of our employees.


The attorneys and employees of our team are as diverse as the world we live in. The attorneys and employees comprising our team reflect the diverse tapestry of the world we inhabit. An impressive seventy percent of our firm consists of women, including seven talented attorneys. Notably, our commitment to diversity has garnered attention within the Jacksonville community.

We take great pride in being recognized as an outstanding Legal Provider at Jacksonville’s 5th Annual Diversity Awards, an esteemed accolade bestowed upon us by the Jacksonville Business Journal in 2009. This prestigious recognition acknowledges our dedication to supporting numerous minority-owned businesses in the Jacksonville area, including the esteemed local powerhouse, TTV Architects.

Moreover, our firm members actively engage with and contribute to the multicultural community of Jacksonville, playing an instrumental role in effecting positive change for individuals and groups that call northeast Florida their home. One shining example is Giselle Carson, a valued Shareholder at Marks Gray, who has served as the past-President of the First Coast Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. Through her leadership and involvement, she has made a lasting impact on fostering economic growth and opportunity for diverse entrepreneurs and professionals in the region.

Marks Gray attorneys represent national, regional and local clients in a variety of business enterprising matters. Our Lawyers for Enterprise are ready to assist you in all legal aspects of your business from start-up to growing and selling the company. We have experienced attorneys who will guide you through the legal process with ease. Our diverse practice includes commercial and professional liability, tort defense litigation, banking, real estate, business law, admiralty, tax law, immigration and naturalization, intellectual property and other areas of civil practice. Our attorneys also assist individuals with a variety of needs such as trusts, will & estate planning, probate & guardianship, and asset protection.

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