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Marks Gray attorneys have vast experience representing a wide range of trucking and transportation organizations, including freight haulers, shipper of commodities, interstate and intrastate trucking companies, school bus companies, limousine and other common carriers, airlines, and other transportation entities and their employees.

Our experience includes litigating insurance coverage questions, accident litigation and all aspects of commercial disputes relating to the transportation industry. In addition to a long history of successfully handling litigated transportation cases through trial, we provide guidance on everything from meeting state qualification requirements for drivers to compliance with Florida Department of Transportation and Interstate Commerce Code standards.

As part of the wide array of transportation services provided to firm clients, Marks Gray has a standing 24/7 emergency response team which is prepared to deploy to accident scenes to preserve evidence, manage expert investigation, facilitate driver testing, arranging cargo salvage, and manage relations with law enforcement.

Click here for contact information for our emergency response team.

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