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Construction litigation and construction law involve disputes that arise from a building or road construction project. Financial issues are common disputes in construction law but our clients have experienced issues and claims related to job site injuries, breach of contract, defects in workmanship and problems with permitting and planning. Construction companies and construction service providers are protected under local, state and federal laws and regulations. The Marks Gray team has guided insurance companies and private companies through these issues for many years.

The construction litigation team represents architects, engineers, designers and subcontractors in all levels of construction disputes. Construction cases usually involve complex legal and factual issues which Marks Gray has a wealth of experience in handling.

  • The Marks Gray construction litigation team helps clients with issues related to:
  • Pre-construction bids and contract drafting
  • Delayed claims during the project
  • Claims for defective workmanship after completion
  • Florida’s Construction Lien Law
  • Financial and contractual disputes during or at the completion of a project

This realistic knowledge of the construction industry translates into an advantage for our clients. We have the legal experience to effectively and efficiently represent your company.

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