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Asset protection is a process that organizes the ownership of assets to shield them from debtor judgment claims. Florida asset protection law provides guidelines for individuals to plan to protect their assets. An asset protection plan is crucial to this process.

The Marks Gray team is highly skilled in providing counsel on asset protection for business owners and high-net-worth individuals. Our asset protection attorneys assist clients in the creation of an asset protection plan to preserve and protect their wealth. We analyze each client’s individual situation and recommend structures and other tools to insulate them from lawsuits, divorce, taxes and other creditor claims.

Asset protection trusts provided by Marks Gray can guard against losing all of your assets to long-term care costs. A carefully prepared plan can protect those assets and allow access to assistance programs such as Medicaid and VA benefits that can offset the cost of care. In addition, this allows you to set aside some assets to supplement any care your loved one may need.

The Marks Gray asset protection lawyers explain the protections available under Florida and Federal law and help clients understand what assets are vulnerable or at-risk and what steps to take to protect them. The Marks Gray team can explain what assets are eligible for protection and what assets are not. We also work through the protections available to married couples along with obligations and complications related to support agreements. Our team can also structure an asset protection plan to protect business organizations.

Florida asset protection law encompasses the fields of debt collection, bankruptcy, taxes and estate planning. Marks Gray offers a fully-integrated team of attorneys experienced in all these areas and how they work together in asset protection law.

Asset Protection – Protecting and safeguarding assets of individuals and business entities from exposure to liability.


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