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The Trademark Changing the Face Of Ethical Consumption

by | Mar 30, 2023 | Trademark

As veganism continues to grow in popularity, more consumers are becoming conscious of the impact their food choices have on their health. With an increase in demand for vegan products, more companies in the consumer market are claiming their products are vegan – even when this is not the case. Unfortunately, it can be challenging for the average consumer to know how consumer goods are grown or manufactured. That is where The Vegan Trademark comes in.

What Is The Vegan Trademark?

The Vegan Trademark is an internal symbol that indicates a product is free from animal products and testing. The Vegan Society, a UK-based charity founded in 1944, owns the trademark. The trademark ensures products are free from animal or insect ingredients, making it easier for consumers to make ethical choices. 

Since 1990, over 65,000 registered products display the trademark, confirming they are free from animal products and testing. Registered products include cosmetics, clothing, food, and household cleaning products. 

As a consumer, when you purchase goods with the Vegan Trademark, you can have high confidence that they meet vegan standards. The risk of cross-contamination and the use of animal byproducts is eliminated from the equation.

Getting this “seal of approval” benefits not only consumers, but companies as well, by allowing them to demonstrate their commitment to reducing their environmental impact.

The Effects of Social Media and The Growth Of Veganism

In recent years, the Vegan Trademark has become more than a trusted indicator of ethical products. It has evolved into a fashion statement, with many companies incorporating the Vegan Trademark into the production of their designs. 

Many social media influencers and celebrities have started to seek out and embrace the Vegan Trademark. The mark symbolizes their commitments to animal welfare and environmental sustainability. Additionally, the Vegan Society is raising awareness of the benefits of a vegan lifestyle through its use. 

The Movement Supports the Trademark, the Trademark Supports the Movement

Ultimately, what you have here is that fun little buzzword “synergy.” The trademark is supporting the vegan movement, and the movement’s usage is pushing it more and more into the mainstream consciousness.

This is a great example of how well-designed trademarks can support growth by providing a recognizable symbol to rally behind. As veganism grows in popularity, we can expect the Vegan Trademark to become an even more prominent symbol of ethical consumption.



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