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Your Team at Marks Gray

by | Sep 16, 2020 | News

As a client of Marks Gray, you not only work with our experienced attorneys, you also receive an abundant amount of support from our staff.  Marks Gray’s staff is made up of highly qualified and skilled personnel who are dedicated to helping our attorneys manage your case from start to finish. We each take pride in providing the best support to our clients. 

 Each attorney at our firm is assigned a Legal Assistant and a Paralegal.  Both of these positions play a vital role in the management of your case. Legal Assistants are predominately in charge of monitoring their attorney’s calendar, ensuring we are in constant communication with clients, colleges and other attorneys, and handling any day-to-day tasks necessary to ensure our attorneys can focus on the legal tasks at hand. Paralegals assist with the legal aspects of the case. They review records, documents, and other pertinent information. They may also communicate with you as the client to obtain any documents, information, or signatures necessary.

Our Administration team handles the financial side of the business. We have a full time IT specialist who keeps our technology issues at bay and has been imperative in helping Marks Gray stay atop of the ever-changing atmosphere that has transpired due to the pandemic.  We also have an amazing Receptionist and Runner who assist with a variety of tasks at the firm.  

No matter the role they play, every staff member at Marks Gray is ready and willing to assist with any of our clients’ needs.  As a team, we have developed the skill that is takes to ensure that your interactions with any of us will be fruitful and beneficial. You can feel confident that we are always here for you and look forward to working with you. 


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