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JBA President Message: Lessons from My First Ultra-Marathon

by | Dec 16, 2015 | News

By Giselle Carson

Lesson # 2: We have more in us than we can imagine.

As you plan for 2016, I invite you to think big and challenge yourself.
On Sunday, I did my first ultra-marathon – a 50K run in the beautiful Guana Preserve. I was up at 5:00 am, drove to the Guana Park, lined up at 8:00 am, and ran for the next 5 hours and 20 minutes. I had plenty of time to reflect on important life and ultra-marathon lessons.

I knew running a 50K would be difficult. I had had no time to train for this distance; had no experience running this far; and at mile 5 my right toes started rubbing against my shoe, causing me to be in pain.

giselle marathon

There were many times when I wanted to just walk, but each time, I refocused, set a small goal (like running for the next 1/4 mile) and I was able to keep going. This happened for many miles, and I realized that I had a larger reserve of determination and grit than I imagined. And, you do also!

As you plan for 2016, do not be afraid to try new things… embrace and grow with each new challenge.

  Stay tuned for my next ultra lesson and let us continue to work together to make the JBA the Best it Can Be… Happy Holidays!


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