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World Anti-Counterfeiting Day: INTA Updates Their Publication Regarding Counterfeits on the Internet

by | Jun 10, 2021 | Intellectual Property, Trademark

The International Trademark Association (INTA), celebrated World Anti-Counterfeiting Day on June 8, 2021, by publishing an update on their publication Addressing the Sale of Counterfeits on the Internet.

This guide was prepared by volunteer members of the INTA Anti-Counterfeiting Committee, the Enforcement Committee, and the Internet Committee. Included were representatives from brand owners, online marketplaces, search engines, and intellectual property legal practitioners from around the world.

The guide includes best practices for brand owners, search engine advertising services, online marketplaces, payment service providers, social media sites, domain registrars and registries, and logistics companies. Anyone who is involved in the sale of goods and services should take the time to read through this guide and see how all of us can use best practices to prevent the sale of counterfeit goods throughout the world.

The Very Real Problem of Internet Counterfeits

Every day, I am contacted by brand owners who are frustrated by people setting up counterfeit websites, selling counterfeit goods, and stealing business from them. As a member of the INTA Anti-Counterfeiting Committee and a practicing intellectual property lawyer, I know that this is a huge problem worldwide. I also know that it will take a collective effort by all individuals and companies to stop the sale of counterfeit goods and services.  

Please take the time to read this guide. It is only 23 pages, and it has excellent suggestions for everyone who has an interest in preventing criminals from selling counterfeit goods and stealing business from companies large and small.

Winning the battle begins with understanding the battle.  


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