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IP Lawyers Donate Books to Children’s Book Drive

by | May 9, 2019 | Intellectual Property

Crystal Broughan with Marks Gray, PA, and Kara Thorvaldsen with Wilson Elser Moskowitz

Children’s books and intellectual property lawyers were the highlight of my day yesterday.

In Austin, Texas, I met with a group of intellectual property lawyers from all over the world. We met as the steering committee for the Defense Research Institute (DRI) Intellectual Property Litigation Section.

As each lawyer arrived, he or she brought some children’s books, which we will donate to a local charity, BookSpring. As our meeting proceeded, each of us decorated bookmarks with stickers, colored markers, and glitter paint. We also placed bookplates inside the front covers that stated, “This book belongs to One Smart Kid.”

All of us thoroughly enjoyed the creative process of decorating bookmarks while we discussed the business of the DRI IP Litigation Section. In the end, we donated over 100 books with decorated bookmarks to BookSpring for children ages 0-12 who may not have access to books in their homes.

The rest of the week I am attending the DRI IP Litigation Seminar and expanding my knowledge of intellectual property law plus interacting with judges and lawyers from a variety of industries all over the world.

In my upcoming posts, I will share some of the knowledge I gain this week.

Steven Kennedy and Peter Henein of Cassels Brock and Blackwell Robert Wagner of Buchanan Ingersoll and Rooney, unknown lawyer and Pat McCrory of Harrison and Moberly


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