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Defense Research Institute Intellectual Property Conference 2022 – Houston, TX

by | Mar 25, 2022 | Events, Intellectual Property

I am writing to you from Houston, TX this week. I spent the past few days attending a Defense Research Institute (DRI) conference on Intellectual Property Litigation here.  

For two days, I have listened to speakers and watched presentations about copyright, trademarks, right of publicity, trade secrets, and patent issues. 

We even had a lawyer from NASA, Rebecca Bresnik, provide a fascinating presentation on space law. She talked about several space law topics: 

  • the four main international treaties for space law
  • The history of space law
  • The legal issues that are evolving as countries send more satellites or private crews into space for research and exploration
  • The legal problems that may develop as we return to the moon to possibly mine for water and minerals

However, the event that had the biggest impact on me was a visit to The Infinite, described as an “immersive space exploration.” This virtual reality experience transported me “into” space. I saw the International Space Station up close, both interior and exterior – I walked “in” space and saw Earth as the astronauts see it.

Each person’s virtual experience is a little different, depending upon which orbs or programs they choose. When you select an orb, it is a surprise – you do not know what experience you have signed up for!

I viewed the incredible beauty of the Earth as if I was suspended above it, including seeing the sun rise over the horizon, the lights of cities, and the magnificent vastness and blue colors of the oceans. 

Astronauts from the U.S., Canada, Russia, Japan, and the European Space Agency all work together on the space station. So the experience features narration of their perspectives on space station life, including documentation of how they perform everyday exercise and work in space. The challenges of living on the space station – mentally, physically, and emotionally – bond the astronauts. They develop a very different perspective of life on Earth and understand how closely connected we all are.  

Because of this, they talk about the importance of preserving our planet for future generations. From the stratosphere, they can see the impact of pollution, changes in weather, and population growth on Earth.

If you can make time to go to The Infinite in Houston, Texas, you should. It is an experience that everyone needs to try at least once or twice in their life. It will be traveling to Seattle-Tacoma, Washington in May 2022, as well. 

Thank you to Rebecca Bresnik for recommending The Infinite to all of us at the DRI seminar.  We were all extremely impressed and did not want the experience to end. I look forward to learning and exploring more at future DRI conferences.



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