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Time to Tell a Story

by | May 21, 2020 | Intellectual Property, Trademark

Now is a time when many businesses are rethinking their marketing and branding strategies in an effort to distinguish their business from their competitors. One helpful way to do this? By telling your business’s story.

At the heart of every business is a story that creates the culture and path of that business. ASTORYO® is a local business that helps businesses and individuals share their stories with anyone who wants to learn or just be inspired. 

Greg Dorsey and his team of local cinematographers, producers, writers, and creatives empower individuals and businesses with the ability to create powerful stories for the enjoyment, education, and edification of all who are interested.

The talented people at ASTORYO® assist businesses in creating social media videos, client testimonials, company videos for inspirational presentations, and documentary films. An example of their work may be viewed at www.astoryo.com.  

I had the wonderful opportunity to work with Greg Dorsey through the process of registering the ASTORYO® trademarks. The mark ASTORYO® is considered a suggestive trademark because it hints at the purpose of the business — telling stories to the world.  

The ability to tell a good story and hold the attention of an audience is a gift. Greg Dorsey has more than 20 years of experience producing award-winning films around the world that share beautiful stories. He has helped to create thousands of successful video collaborations with caring organizations that impact our community. 

He started ASTORYO® to empower storytellers through video and film. So if your business has an interesting or inspiring story that you would like to share with the world, consider talking to the master storytellers at ASTORYO® to help spread awareness of your brand. 

Before you go through the process of sharing your story, though, make sure you have registered your trademarks through the USPTO. As more people learn of your story, the wider your consumer base will become. So protecting your brand will be even more important.  

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