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Anything and Everything Is U

by | Aug 27, 2020 | Intellectual Property

Michael Moore is a future-thinking artist and designer who believes that art not only surrounds us and is a cornerstone of all cultures, but that it helps to improve our understanding of different peoples as well. Because of this, he thinks it should be part of everyone’s life, and has made it his goal to explicitly combine art with culture. 

He got his start providing computer-aided design (CAD) services to structural engineers and architects. Now, he focuses his skills and talents in making a difference in children’s lives. He works as a teacher of Graphic Design and Print Production at the Boys & Girls Club of Northeast Florida, and has developed a brand — AAEIU® — intended to span clothing, art, culture, and diversity.


With AAEIU®, Michael has focused on the idea that a child’s dream of becoming an educated and successful adult is something to be celebrated all over the world, and that when it comes to seeing a child thriving within their space(s), religion, race, age, ethnicity, and cultural backgrounds do not matter. 

To that end, the AAEIU® clothing brand focuses on aspirations, achievements, and self-love in young kids and adults around the world. 

The hub of the brand is #the9kids™. Michael has developed nine child characters from around the world that help him to deliver art in the form of cultural aspirations, which are then placed on all types of clothing and apparel.

In addition to the AAEIU® brand, Michael is the owner, Chief Executive Officer, and Director of Operations at Plenty Moore Designs LLC. Plenty Moore Designs LLC offers printing and graphic design services for a wide variety of clients. They specialize in direct to garment (DTG), decals, custom apparel decorating, and CAD design. AAEIU® is just one of the several brands he has developed.

Marks Gray has enjoyed working with Michael Moore in developing his business and brands.  We are open and willing to work with clients who understand the importance of protecting their intellectual property assets from the beginning of their business. 


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