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6ix9ine Loses Trademark for His Name, Learns Importance of Responding to Lawsuits

by | Oct 20, 2022 | Intellectual Property, Trademark

Back in July 2022, rapper Warren Hamilton filed a Notice of Opposition before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (TTAB) against Daniel Hernandez, who goes by the stage name 6ix9ine. In the Opposition, Hamilton said that he had been using a similar stage name – SIX9 – since 2007, and wanted Hernandez to stop.

Presumably, a traditional legal battle would follow, with both sides presenting arguments and fighting to keep the name. Except that is not what happened at all.

What did occur?

It Started with a Heart Attack… 

After the Notice of Opposition was filed, Hamilton’s lawyer – David Chase LanCarte – tried to work with Hernandez’s lawyer – Robert Meloni – to come to some kind of agreement between the two parties. 

Unfortunately, LanCarte could not reach Meloni until August 9, when he received an email saying that Meloni had suffered a heart attack and was still recovering. Following that email, they worked together for several weeks, with Meloni admitting that he had not been able to locate Hernandez for months.

… where is he?

LanCarte continued to search for Hernandez “for the purposes of service.” He had no luck outside of a news story detailing the rapper’s fight with a DJ in Dubai who wouldn’t play his music. Later, a social media message trolling WNBA player Brittney Griner seemed to indicate he was in Russia.

Ultimately, the TTAB issued an order sustaining the opposition on September 6, 2022  due to Daniel Hernandez failure to file an Answer in response to the Notice of Opposition. refusing Hernandez’s trademark registration 

Essentially, by making himself so difficult to locate and not responding to attempts to get in touch, Daniel Hernandez  is no longer allowed to use 6ix9ine as stage name. Will this be a lesson that he actually absorbs? Before selecting a stage name, entertainers should make sure no one else is using that stage name or a similar stage name.  A simple search can help prevent costly problems in the future.


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