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Outlook for Federal Immigration Reform

by | Sep 20, 2010 | Immigration News

With the November elections approaching, the likelihood for comprehensive federal immigration reform is unfortunately minimal to non existent.  For the remainder of the year, and possibly for sometime after, we anticipate immigration reform taking a back seat to other hot button issues.  In the meantime, States continue to introduce their own immigration legislations and the need for a national reform remains high.

While a comprehensive immigration reform remains the preferred outcome, a more practical approach at this time maybe a series of smaller bills with piecemealed, issue-based legislation that might have a higher probability of passing through Congress with less controversy. 

The Democrats have announced that the small business proposal, defense reauthorization, and a continuing resolution for appropriations are among the top priorities for the upcoming weeks.  Enforcement-only provisions could be added to any of the bills or others moving through Congress.

Just before the August recess, a $600 million border spending bill was passed.  This bill did not include any provision that would improve our failing immigration benefits system.  Some Democratic leaders have stated that tightening the border would help pave the way for comprehensive immigration reform post-election.

We will continue to stay on top of the latest immigration changes and proposals.  Stay tuned throughout the coming months for more information. 



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