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What does the Trump Presidency mean for my immigration process?

by | Nov 14, 2016 | Immigration, Immigration News

Over the last few months, and more since November 9th, I have been asked – what does the Donald Trump Presidency mean for my immigration process?

It is unlikely that we will see significant changes to the immigration process in the near term.  In the long term, we are likely to see President-Elect Trump and Congress tackle immigration reform and changes including increased worksite enforcement and I-9 audits, additional security checks for visa processing and increased regulation on work visas like the H-1Bs.

Although the current system is far from perfect, we know what we’re dealing with.  If you are considering pursuing an immigration case, I suggest that you take action and begin the process now.  It is unlikely that the process will become easier or less challenging in the future.

If you have already started the process, I encourage you to make your immigration case a priority, if it is not already, so that you can finalize the process as smoothly as possible.

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