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Immigration Success Story: Green Card for Skilled Workers and Professionals

by | Jan 27, 2017 | Immigration, Success Stories

The Marks Gray Immigration Team regularly helps clients with I-140 Petitions and Green Card applications for Professional or Skilled Workers. This month, we are highlighting the success story of Maria, a registered nurse from the Philippines.

For some green card categories and countries of origin, the backlog is years long. To achieve the desired results, these candidates and their employers must be in it for the long haul. Maria and our hospital client were willing to do just that – and after almost eight years of waiting, their determination paid off!

After receiving her green card stamp at the consulate, Maria was thrilled: “I am so very excited. Woohoo! After all these years, it’s finally here! I am so grateful for all your hard work. I truly am blown away. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

To gain this result, we prepared a strong I-140 petition highlighting her nursing education credentials and skills. After the I-140 approval, the really long wait began, until her priority date became current last year. For many years, we stayed in touch and monitored her priority date, and then we successfully guided her and her employer through the consular process to obtain her green card.

The Marks Gray Immigration team feels honored that Maria and her employer trusted us to work with them through this lengthy process. Our documentation, up-to-date knowledge of USCIS’ requirements, and thorough preparation led to the desired result, allowing the hospital to hire their ideal candidate.

Now Maria is preparing to move to the United States to contribute her nursing skills to our country. The Marks Gray Immigration Team wishes her the best!

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