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H-1B Visa Success Story: “They were with me at every step.”

by | Oct 1, 2018 | H-1B/H-4, Immigration, Success Stories

Now more than ever, it is crucial to proactively prepare visa applications, over-document the filing, and work in partnership. We can’t do it alone. We’re grateful to our clients who help us help them to achieve their goals, as expressed by one remarkable and proactive H-1B client.

“I’m very glad that my company hired Marks Gray to submit my H-1B visa application, especially this year due to the volatile nature of the visa process. Giselle and her team were very knowledgeable and didn’t leave any room for error when creating my petition.”

“The documents I submitted went through multiple reviews by her team, and they made sure that we submitted the petition without any mistakes. They were very responsive to any questions/clarifications that I had on this long and complicated visa process. They were with me at every step.”

“Overall, my experience with them was seamless. And my application was approved without any hassle of RFEs. Thanks Giselle and Thyra for your dedication and hard work. Highly recommend Giselle if you are looking for an immigration attorney.”

This success story relates to a cap-subject H-1B petition, which was filed in April and adjudicated recently without an RFE. Our strategy this year included:

  • team organizational charts and documentation about the educational and skill levels of team members to show the employer’s regular practice of hiring workers with, at a minimum, bachelor’s degrees for the position;
  • extensive and detailed job descriptions;
  • a list of tools and technologies used;
  • itemization of coursework in the specialty, as related to the position duties and projects;
  • and much more.



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