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H-1B updates

by | Mar 25, 2010 | Immigration, Immigration Team News

Ports of Entry and H-1B

If you are an H-1B holder (or holder of another employment-based visa) or if you employ H-1B employees ensure that you, or your employee, keep evidence of current immigration status and employment verification documents on hand when traveling outside the United States. These documents include employment letter confirmation, pay stubs and approval notice. Ports of entry into the U.S. are closely reviewing documentation for those individuals with employment-based visas.

Filing date for new H-1B nears

The FY2011 H-1B program petition submission window opens April 1, 2010. These petitions are capped at 85,000 with 20,000 of those reserved for advanced degree applicants. Keep in mind that the cap only applies to new H-1B petitions, and we recommend that you start preparing any petitions now.
Click here for more information about the H-1B program for FY2011.



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