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H-1B Cap Lottery Results Being Released

by | Mar 29, 2020 | H-1B/H-4, Immigration

The H-1B cap lottery results FY2021 are being released. But what does that mean? Will you know immediately if you were selected? What if you were not selected?

The majority of those who have been selected for an H-1B cap visa this year will likely know by March 31 if they were selected.

However, USCIS has indicated that beneficiaries not chosen in the initial selection will remain in consideration for selection until the end of the fiscal year (September 30th, 2020).

How will I know if my petition was selected?

H-1B sponsoring employers and our team have access to the USCIS registration system. We are monitoring the H-1B cap lottery results FY2021, which are expected to continue to be updated until March 31.

We’ll communicate with our petitioning employers about notification of selection. We know how stressful this process is for all involved. We’ll provide updates as soon as we can. 

What’s next if my petition is shown as “Selected”?

If your petition is shown as selected, the petitioning employer can file an H-1B cap petition for the beneficiary. Here’s an overview of what to expect:

  • April/May/June – We will continue to work with you to finalize and file a strong petition.  
  • July/August/September – USCIS is expected to adjudicate the H-1B cap petitions filed.  

If the beneficiary is an F-1 student on Optional Practical Training (OPT) needing cap-gap protection, we’ll work with you more expeditiously to file before the OPT employment authorization document expires and facilitate work authorization. 

If the beneficiary is awaiting completion or award of the required degree, the petition cannot be filed until the degree has been issued or the beneficiary has obtained documentation from the appropriate school official that degree requirements have been satisfied.

Can I use premium processing?

As previously announced, USCIS has temporarily suspended premium processing of all H-1B cap petitions. Learn more about this issue.

What if my petition is shown as “Submitted”, but it has not been “Selected”?

USCIS guidance provides that submitted registrations will remain in consideration for selection until the end of the fiscal year (September 30, 2020), at which point all registrations will be updated to “Selected, Not Selected, or Denied”. 

This is the first year that USCIS will keep H-1B cap registrations submitted in pending status until the end of the fiscal year. It’s possible that some H-1Bs registrations currently showing as “Submitted” will change to “Selected” over the next few months. 

Read USCIS’ announcement of the registration process completion.



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