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Green Card Success Story: Patience and Strategy Pays Off

by | Jul 2, 2018 | Immigration, Success Stories

USCIS’ error inputting a birthdate turned an already long and complex green card case into a nightmare. Here is our extraordinary and patient client’s story

In 2013, a friend of mine put me in contact with Giselle and her immigration team at Marks Gray. I had just graduated from a distinguished U.S. university where I had been playing Division 1 tennis. After competing at the collegiate level in the USA, I wanted to continue my tennis career as a professional tennis player in the US.

Giselle and her team successfully prepared, filed and obtained an approval of my P1 visa. After 5 years of playing tennis on my P1 visa, she successfully renewed my P1 visa. During that time, I was offered a Head Tennis Professionals Job, and I needed to make another important decision in my life. The only way for me to accept this offer was to become a permanent resident.

My employer and I, met with Giselle to discuss and outline the Green Card application. We spoke about the process in depth. It is a complicated and long procedure. She carefully explained and answered the questions we had. We agreed that there was a lot of work ahead of us, and the process might not be successful.

We had complete trust in Giselle and her team. This process took over two years. During this time, we had challenges.

After my I-485 adjustment of status was filed, in August 2017, a new process came in to play which required that all employment-based applicants attend an in-person interview with an immigration officer.

In December 2017, Giselle prepared me for and attended the interview with me.  The interview went well except that the adjudicator told us that USCIS had made an error inputting my birthdate – I was now about 30 years older.

Unexpectedly, after being told that we would have an AOS approval in a couple of weeks, a month later, I received a request for evidence (RFE). Giselle and her team immediately strategized and submitted the paperwork needed to complete my RFE submission. This RFE put a hold of 5 stressful months on my application.

We did not hear anything useful from USCIS during that time despite multiple communications to obtain a status update. This was nerve-wracking.  We could not make any business or travel plans.  This put a hold on my work, life and career for several months.

Giselle and her team were continuously in contact with us and always strategic, patient and supportive.  

In early June, my Green Card was finally approved. I couldn’t believe it! Words cannot describe how happy and grateful I am.

The challenges of the US immigration system are real but they do not deter the determined Marks Gray immigration team. My case was a test of patience and strategy.  We hung in there, and were successful!

I believe that my Green Card approval is an amazing achievement not only for myself – but also for Giselle, her team, my employers and the many others that they help.



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