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Giselle’s CNFBTA Presentation and a Travel Alert: “Extreme Vetting” for Visas

by | May 25, 2017 | Immigration, Immigration Team News

On May 4, Giselle Carson gave a presentation to the Central & North Florida Business Travel Association. Here is what the CNFBTA Director of Communications Brian DeLeon had to say about it:

“Awesome update on what to expect when hiring foreign nationals. Dynamic presentation from Attorney and Jacksonville Aviation Authority Vice Chair, Giselle Carson.”

Speaking of travel, the new administration has proposed additional changes to the visa processing procedures, collectively referred to as “extreme vetting”. Here’s how they may impact travelers. 

Travel Alert: “Extreme Vetting” for Visas

Even though not all visa applicants will be required to go through these new “extreme vetting” procedures, they are likely to lead to delays in all processing.

What changes should applicants expect?

Part of the proposed changes include the use of a new form, Form DS-5535, to collect additional information from certain visa applicants who have been determined to require additional scrutiny.

Applicants could be asked to:

• Hand over their phones so that consular officers can examine their contacts and correspondence
• Provide their social media handles so that public posts can be viewed
• Provide phone numbers and e-mail addresses for the last five years
• Provide the names and dates of birth for various family members
• Provide over 10 years of travel history (including source of funding for travel), employment history, and residential addresses.

Remember, not everyone will be required to undergo “extreme vetting,” but that doesn’t mean it won’t impact you. As per our prior recommendation, please be proactive on your travel plans and account for potential delays.



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