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Foreign National Investments Help to Create Jobs

by | Apr 25, 2017 | Immigration, Success Stories

Foreign National Investment Help Create Jobs In an election year taking place during a recession, a hot topic is job creation. We are thankful for the foreign nationals that come to our country to establish businesses and help stir job and income growth. We are proud of our client who came to us for assistance to obtain a visa to manage and direct a new office of her growing business in the U.S. The preparation of her successful case took time and strategy. Our Client was seeking an L‐1A Visa, (see 8 CFR § 214.2(l) for more information on Intracompany Transferees) which allows a U.S. company that has an affiliation with a foreign enterprise to transfer an executive/managerial employee to an office in the U.S., or if an office has not yet been established in the U.S., transfer them there to create one. Our Client had been an executive with a small international manufacturing business and was looking to come to Florida to open and manage as President/CEO a new office for the company. Supporting evidence included evidence of the company’s existence in the U.S. and abroad as a legitimate business, which our client had worked for with the company abroad for at least one year, and her qualifications for becoming an executive of the company. Company documents such as articles of incorporation, business plans, financial reports and lease agreements were all included in the petition as well as our Client’s educational background and experience in business. Our Client’s application was received by USCIS at the end of November and an approval notice for her L‐1 Visa was issued in December, opening the doors to new opportunities for our Client, her new team and North Florida.



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