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Employer Alert: Trump’s Budget and E-Verify

by | Mar 29, 2017 | Immigration, Immigration News

The President’s budget allocates $15 million to “begin implementation of mandatory nationwide use of the E-Verify Program.”

EVerify is a government web-based system that compares information from the Form I-9 to data from US government databases to confirm the applicant’s work eligibility. Currently, participation is primarily voluntary.

The President will need Congress approval to mandate EVerify nationwide. Senator Charles Grassley has re-introduced legislation to authorize a national EVerify program. 

The Grassley bill would make EVerify mandatory for all employers within one year of enactment and requires employers to check the status of all employees not previously verified through EVerify within three years of enactment.

A national EVerify bill will face opposition, but it has a good chance of passing. We will be covering EVerify basics and other topics of interest to employers to prepare for potential nationwide adoption of the program.



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