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E-Verify Updates

by | Sep 20, 2010 | Immigration, Immigration Team News

A recent meeting between immigration lawyers and representatives of the USCIS Verification Division provided some important updates on the E-Verify system.

The Office of Special Counsel and E-Verify have signed an MOU to formalize information sharing between the two agencies.  As a result, the OSC has increased its role in the enforcement of E-Verify policies, specifically regarding discrimination and employer use of the online employment verification system.

E-Verify is particularly monitoring employers with high numbers of uncontested tentative non-confirmations, which is often an indication of potential hire pre-screening, as well as employers who have higher than average data inconsistencies that may not be proportional to the size of their business and the number of E-Verify queries.  It’s important to note that E-Verify is only to be used to verify the work authorization status of individuals after they have been employed by a company.  Using the system in ways other than this intent can result in termination from the E-Verify system and fines.

We’ll have more E-Verify program updates in the coming weeks.  Be sure to stay informed.  

Click here for more information on E-Verify.



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