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DHS to Propose Rule for International Entrepreneurs

by | Aug 29, 2016 | Immigration, Immigration News

DHS is proposing a rule that would allow certain international entrepreneurs whose stay in the United States would provide a significant public benefit to be considered for parole on a case-by-case basis.


Under the proposed rule, entrepreneurs who can show that their start-up entity has substantial and demonstrated potential for rapid business growth and job creation may be granted an initial stay of up to two years to oversee and grow their start-up entity in the United States.

A subsequent request for re-parole for up to three additional years may be considered. In a statement, AILA welcomed the issuance of the proposed rule, with AILA President Bill Stock noting that this step is one that “NewAILA has been advocating for years as we saw countless missed opportunities for entrepreneurs due to outdated immigration laws.”

An advance copy of the proposed rule is now available. Comments will be due 45 days after the date of publication, which is expected to be around the first week of September.



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