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December 2011 Visa Bulletin and DOS’ Predictions

by | Nov 17, 2011 | Immigration, Immigration News

In a recent meeting with the American Immigration Lawyers’ Association (AILA), Charles Oppenheim, Chief, Immigrant Visa Control and Reporting Division at the DOS said he expects continued positive movement in the employment-based, second preference (EB2) category for India and China in the upcoming months. All other countries of chargeability are expected to remain “current” in EB2 throughout fiscal year 2012 (FY12). This advancement will slow down, and maybe retrogress, based on visa demand.

In the third preference category (EB3), Mexico and the Philippines are expected to advance by about one month at a time. China’s cutoff date is expected to advance by about one-to-three weeks each month.  Oppenheim did not give predictions for heavily backlogged India category but it appears that it might move by one to two weeks per month.  

 The movement of visa bulletin is very complex.  I will continue to keep you updated as predictions become available. To see the bulletin, click here.



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