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Book Excerpt: Can I Change from L-1B to L-1A Status?

by | Jul 25, 2017 | Immigration, L-1/L-1A/L-1B

Here is an excerpt from the “L-1 Intracompany Transferee Visas” chapter in Giselle Carson’s book Beyond the H-1B: A Guide to Work Visa Options for Employers, Foreign Nationals, and Graduating Students, which is available for purchase on Amazon.

Can I change from L-1B to L-1A status?

Yes, if you are promoted to manager or executive, your employer can file a new petition to amend your status to L-1A. To be eligible to benefit from the seven-year status available to L-1A holders, you must have been employed in an executive or managerial capacity for at least six months.

One strategy we utilize is to discuss the job requirements with our clients after the person has been in the L-1B position for two and a half years and we are preparing for the first extension. If applicable, during this extension, we file for a promotion from L-1B to L-1A. This is a complex process, and you should seek legal guidance.



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