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E-Verify Makes Significant Changes

by | Jun 13, 2010 | Immigration, Immigration Team News

The DHS has announced that ongoing changes are in the works for the agency’s E-Verify system.  E-Verify is an internet based employment verification program used by employers and administered by the Department of Homeland Security in conjunction with the Social Security Administration.

On June 13th, DHS introduced a redesigned website with enhanced usability and efficiency features aimed at eliminating common errors and facilitating use.  The new features include: a shorter and more dynamic tutorial; a new case alert at the bottom of the home page so that users do not have to go to an individual case to determine its status; and users will be able to select the number of cases that they want to view per page.

For current users, all user ID, passwords, and data will transfer over to the new site.

Expected to debut in December of 2010 is a Self Check program that will allow individuals to pre-screen themselves and verify their employment eligibility status before considering a new job.  The new program is not intended for use by employers as a pre-screening tool and any use of Self Check as such would be considered an abuse of the system.

Stay tuned for more information regarding more changes to E-Verify.



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