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An Outline of the President’s Immigration Reform Plan

by | May 28, 2019 | Immigration, Trump Administration

President Trump announced a new plan to reform our legal immigration system. It aims to create a merit-based immigration system and strengthen border security.

The proposed system has no reduction to the overall numbers of immigrant visas. Instead, it changes the qualifying criteria. The proposed employment-based merit system would benefit younger workers with job offers and very high levels of education and skills.

We believe that our immigration system needs to be reformed and updated for the current business immigration needs. Any merit-based system should consider the needs of U.S. employers to help them continue to make our economy stronger in a global market. The system should not be an ongoing government intrusion into U.S. businesses’ decisions on the talent they require.

Under the proposed plan, the family-based immigration would be limited to spouses and children. The plan does not mention a proposal for undocumented immigrants currently in the U.S., TPS recipients, or DACA beneficiaries.

The plan is far from becoming law. But it’s expected to be a key part of the President’s 2020 campaign.



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