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Shareholder Crystal T. Broughan Featured in Attorney at Law Magazine

by | Jan 2, 2019 | Announcement

Marks Gray Intellectual Property attorney, Crystal T. Broughan is, once again, featured in Attorney at Law Magazine First Coast. Ms. Broughan’s article, Trademark Scams details how she became a mark for scam mail while she was filing her own law firm’s trademark application. Learning the clients of the companies she serves most likely receive the same mail from bogus companies who claim to provide trademark protection. She shares tips on identifying trademark scams and the importance of having trademark applications filed and managed by an experienced trademark lawyer who can screen out these types of fraudulent mailings.

Shareholder Crystal Broughan’s practice focuses primarily on intellectual property matters such as trademarks, trade secrets, copyright infringement cases, and domain name disputes. She prepares and files trademark and copyright applications, licensing agreements, non-compete and non-disclosure agreements for a wide variety of clients. In addition, she represents clients before the Trademark Trials and Appeals Board on trademark disputes and the World Intellectual Property Organization on domain name disputes.

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