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Do Your HR Managers, In-House Counsel, and Hiring Managers Need Training?

We believe that learning should be fun, engaging, and inspiring. Say goodbye to dull PowerPoint presentations and hello to a vibrant, collaborative, and innovative learning environment.

Marks Gray provides outstanding training Services for corporate immigration and compliance.

Our down-to-earth approach to corporate immigration law brings a unique and fresh perspective to a topic that can often feel dense and intimidating. We make learning active and enjoyable, empowering your team to unlock their potential.

With our training, we provide your team with the knowledge and resources they need to implement meaningful change in their day-to-day work.

Led by renowned corporate immigration and compliance attorney Giselle Carson, our training team has delivered hundreds of relevant, engaging, and practical learning opportunities to HR teams, in-house counsel, and hiring managers.

Giselle is passionate about corporate immigration, compliance, and wellness, and has a mission to help professionals navigate the immigration process with clarity and ease.

Here are some options to consider for your organization:

  • Corporate Events: Whether you prefer live or virtual events, we can customize our training to suit your corporate training needs or enhance your conference with valuable insights into immigration and compliance.
  • Webinars: We offer live webinars where participants can interact in real-time, as well as virtual and recorded webinars for flexibility and accessibility.
  • In-depth Workshops: Dive deeper into specific topics with our live, virtual, or recorded workshops. These immersive sessions provide hands-on learning and practical guidance.

Don’t see exactly what you’re looking for? Don’t worry! Reach out to us, and we’ll work with you to create a customized solution that meets your specific training requirements.

Invest in your team’s knowledge, growth, and success with our Training Services. 

On-Demand Training

Navigating the Form I-9, E-Verify, and other onboarding procedures can feel overwhelming.
This can lead to lost productivity as your HR team scours the internet for answers to confusing questions and processes.

Worse, every single mistake costs your business bigtime. Currently, $272 to $2,701 per error on each I-9.

Thankfully, we have a way to give your HR team the knowledge and confidence they need to skate through the onboarding process with ease – Giselle Carson’s new online workshop, Jog Into an Interactive Detailed Review of the New Form I-9, So You Don’t Have to Google the Answers.

The best part:

It only costs $200 with a total time investment of two engaging and practical learning hours. And since it’s broken up into easily digestible 10-15 minute sections, those two hours can be completed easily, allocating short times in their schedule.

Testimonials & Reviews

Almost three years ago I landed with my wife at Jacksonville to start a new stage in my life as a professional soccer player. […] We found the best advice possible with Giselle and her team at Marks Gray. The entire process was successful thanks to excellent teamwork. […] Thank you Giselle for all your time invested in make our dreams of build a life here come true.

Atty. Carson and her Immigration Team made us feel comfortable and welcome the very first minute we came to their office. […] Her legal team is very organized, highly efficient, and truly dedicated in their work to get us our immigration documents processed and approved the fastest way possible. […] Atty. Giselle and her team are a great blessing to us indeed. They are not only the best at what they do, but also — and most importantly — they treated us as family.

Giselle is my “go-to” for Form I-9 and immigration compliance. I met Giselle over ten years ago when I was the HR Admin at Elkins Constructors. She provided us with practical and relevant guidance on immigration verification and compliance.

I have worked with Giselle for several years with our immigration needs. She is highly knowledgeable in all U.S. immigration and is very attentive to the needs of our Company. I have reached out with complicated cases and questions and, without hesitation, offer solutions and options. She and her team are true partners and has the best interest for the Company and our employees.

We are just beyond happy and cannot thank you enough. We never would have won this case without you. I was also shocked at the short time frame of the approval. We had resigned ourselves to the fact that we may not know anything for another year. We will give you the highest recommendations.



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