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A Whirlwind of Education, Meetings and Great Food

by | Jun 3, 2024 | Intellectual Property

Trademarks, copyrights, AI, Google Trends, case law updates, Live Stream IP violations, and USPTO expert database searches were some of the many subjects I learned more about during the International Trademark Association’s Annual Conference in Atlanta.  Logan McEwen and I attended this whirlwind event in May for five days.

We also met with trademark attorneys from Spain, Mexico, Canada, the EU, New York, the UK, and Boston with whom we do business.  INTA’s annual meeting is the one opportunity each year that we have to meet with foreign counsel and counsel from other states.  In addition, we networked with hundreds of attorneys from India, Argentina, Guatamala, Portugal, Ireland, Canada and the US who we met at receptions and just eating lunch in the huge exhibit hall.

I met for the first time in person with members of the Copyright Committee and with members of the Legislation subcommittee I was assigned to this year.  The Copyright Committee is chaired by a lawyer from the Ukraine, Ganna Prokhorova, and the vice chair is a German lawyer, Julian Waiblinger.    Emily Chapuls, Deputy General Counsel at the US Copyright Office gave a presentation to the committee, “Update from the US Copyright Office on the AI Initiative and Next Steps.” Where we were told what we already knew that the marketplace is moving faster than the US Copyright Office and lawmakers can move regarding rules or legislation for regulating AI.  Federal courts throughout the world will make case law handling the numerous copyright infringement cases involving AI before any legislation or rules are approved.

I know that I learned a lot during the INTA Annual Meeting, strengthened connections with foreign counsel and began new relationships that may develop into business in the future.


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