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Successful H-1B Petitions Outcomes Despite New USCIS Challenges

by | Jun 4, 2024 | Immigration, Immigration News

Despite the complexities introduced by the new USCIS fee structure and other changes, we are thrilled and grateful to share some outstanding news from our FY25 H-1B cap petition filings.

Thanks to the proactive engagement and trust of our clients, a significant number of our petitions have not only been accepted for filing but some have already received approvals! 

We are deeply grateful for the partnership and trust our clients continue to show in us during these challenging times. Your collaboration has been instrumental in navigating these changes successfully.

Join Us in Celebrating this successes and what some of our clients had to say: 

“Thank you for keeping me informed! I appreciate the detail and thoughtfulness the Marks Gray team has taken towards my H-1B petition”  Computer Scientist 

“Hi! Thank you so much for the news! I am happy it’s approved without any extra evidence needed.” – Designer

“This is great news; it made my day! My sincerest gratitude and thanks to the Marks Gray team for the diligent work put into this and for Q-PAC never-ending support. I look forward to receiving the notice of receipt and remain hopeful of a seamless, RFE-free approval of my petition. Thank you!” – Mechanical Engineer 

“Thank you, everyone, for all the hard work!! I really appreciate the undivided support that I received from the entire Marks Gray team and our HR manager for making this happen in the first place. This is so exciting! 😃 Hope everyone has a good day!”  Electrical Engineer 

“This is great news to conclude a week. I’m really happy to hear that it went through so fast without any issues. Thank you to our HR and Marks Gray teams (all of you!!) for your effort.” – Architectural Designer

These testimonials not only highlight the expertise and dedication of our team but also underscore the collaborative spirit of our clients.

 Together, we continue to achieve remarkable outcomes, ensuring that the talent and aspirations of our clients are recognized and supported by the U.S. immigration system.



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